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Tutors, students, and parents at FSSC will have accounts on Schoology.com.  You will receive an access code which will give you secure entry to your student’s course information (assignments and grades). We’ll be distributing the Schoology account information at the Back-to-School Potluck in August.

Here’s what the main landing page looks in when you sign in:

schoology student


Schoology will show students all of their upcoming assignments, sorted by due date, in the right-hand column under “Upcoming.

Messages from tutors will appear in the center column under “Recent Activity

Information from the individual courses that a student is enrolled in can be accessed by clicking on the word “Courses” in the toolbar.

During the school year, students and parents should check your Schoology account daily (Please!).

Parents and students will have access to course syllabi and information about uplcoming assignments 24/7 through Schoology.

ALL written work will be turned in and graded through Schoology. Course grades will be assigned through Schoology.

Parents can configure their Schoology accounts to have a text and/or email message sent to them if a student misses a deadline for turning in a written assignment

Schoology is a great way to stay in touch with your students tutors.  It is, however, the student’s responsibility to take notes in class, and write down assignments given verbally in class.  When a tutor gives verbal instructions or directions, he or she may post those instructions on Schoology as well, but it is not always possible or practical to do so. When in doubt, ask your tutor. It is NOT true that if it is not on Schoology it is not an assignment. Assignments in the syllabus are assignments, whether or not they are on Schoology. Verbal assignments, given in class are assignments, whether or not they are on Schoology.