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We believe that a chronological approach is the best way to organize the study of western civilization. Accordingly, our recommended course of study is:

9th Grade – The Ancient World
10th Grade – Middle Ages thru Reformation
11th Grade – The Early Modern World
12th Grade – Modern Times

For each year, we recommend that the student take a set of four core courses: one hour each on History, Literature, Art, & Bible. These four courses, taken together with a small group of 6-12 classmates, will provide an integrated cultural overview as well as an introduction to a consistent Christian worldview.

Our science courses will also be taught from an explicitly Christian worldview. The biology course will be explicitly creationist, but the evidence both for and against the theory of evolution will also be covered.

While we believe firmly that a well-rounded high school education should include both the study of mathematics and a foreign language, our experience has been that this is difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish with a 1-day a week tutorial framework.

To see a full list of our scope & sequence and our available courses, check out our Courses page.