Welcome to the Schaeffer Study Center

“Equipping high school students with basic Biblical knowledge and an understanding of the Christian world-view through an integrated study of Western Civilization.”

We offer high school classes (which meet once a week on Wednesdays) and provide an elementary school program (CMET, which meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

The CMET elementary school program includes reading/literature, math, language arts, science as well as nature study, a study of two or three artists, composers, and poets, as well as one of Shakespeare’s plays for the upper grades each year.  Each year students will read through a section of the Bible together as well. The curriculum is based on Charlotte Mason’s philosophy that “education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.” Education is more than just the 3 “R’s” and more than just training children to score well on achievement tests.

The FSSC high school program is built around an integrated chronological study of Western Civilization beginning with the ancient world in 9th grade and finishing with the 20th century in 12th grade. The core courses for each high school grade are history, literature, art history and Bible. In addition, FSSC also offers courses in the high school science, applied-arts and performance arts. Feel free to look around.

We’ve been teaching students since 2004. Our graduates have gone on to win scholarships and admission to some pretty impressive colleges and universities.

Feel free to look around. Download an application if you’re interested.

Send us an email at: admin@schaefferstudycenter.org if you have a question that’s not answered on the website.