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HS Admissions

We’re flattered that you are interested the Francis Schaeffer Study Center! Hopefully, you have taken a moment to read through our Mission, Philosophy of Education and had a peek at the course-listing or Student Life section. If not, you may want to check them out so you have a better understanding of our program. Otherwise, here is an overview of the application and acceptance process.

Request an application packet – this packet includes the following:

    • Student application to be filled out by the student. (Parents, we know you’ll help provide any missing information, but many of the questions are aimed at getting to know the applicant’s personality and interest-level)
    • Student recommendation forms to be filled out by two non-family references
    • Parent commitment form to be read and signed by parent(s)
    • Student commitment form to be read and signed by student
    • Disciplinary guidelines to be read and signed by parent(s) and student
    • Student’s desired course list (Be sure to look at the schedule when choosing classes.)

Wait for acceptance notification – Once we have received the completed application packet, our tutors will read/review each application. In some cases we may request an interview with both student and parent(s) before a final decision is made. In either case, we will notify you via email or phone of your acceptance-status.

Administration Fee – Once you have been notified of your acceptance into our program, you will need to pay your $150 administration fee (payable to FSSC) which covers things like paper, ink, administrative time, and all the other odds and ends required to keep the tutorial running.

Tuition– Also upon acceptance, you will need to send your tuition checks in order to guarantee your place in each of your desired classes. Because the tutors make plans for the following year based on enrollment, please understand that you are making a commitment to the tutors when you sign up for their classes. For this reason, checks are non-refundable unless a class is cancelled.

Please remember that the Schaeffer Study Center is not a school. Each of its teacher/tutors works as an independent contractor – hired by the parents to teach/tutor their children. Parents write checks to Schaeffer Study Center. The study center than combines and forwards the funds paid by parents to the tutors. Tuition may be paid in one check for the whole year or divided up into two, four, eight or ten payments. If you choose to break the payments up, you will need to submit them as post-dated checks (dated for the first of each month during the school year) before classes begin in August.

Back-to-School Potluck – This usually occurs the weekend before classes begin in August, but check your email or the website for the actual date and time. The potluck is a time to get everyone together for a relaxed evening where new and returning families can meet, tutors can give last-minute announcements and everyone can get in that “back-to-school” mood! We look forward to seeing you there!

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